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At Hi Ho, we’re offering new clients FREE Digital Sales Funnel Setup and one month of traffic generation over the COVID-19 crisis.

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We are a small business that wants to help other small businesses grow online rapidly.

Like all small businesses in New Zealand, we are finding this time extraordinarily challenging, and we feel for those who haven’t been able to trade over the level 4 lockdown. As our contribution to getting the wheels of commerce turning again, Hi Ho is offering a small number of businesses our Digital Sales Funnel Traffic Generation program FREE for one month. We genuinely hope that this will help some small companies to commence trading under level 3 restrictions.

FREE Digital Marketing Funnel Setup

Set up of the Inbound Digital Sales Funnel platform that will generate, track and nurture website leads – valued from $2,400.

FREE Digital Marketing Campaign

One month Free Digital Marketing Implementation. All you need to pay for is your media spend – valued from $2,800 per month.

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What’s in our FREE Digital Marketing Package?

FREE Marketing Automation Setup

At Hi Ho, we use an Inbound Digital Marketing Automation Platform called SharpSpring, which enables you to generate, track, and manage traffic so that they turn into leads that purchase.

FREE Social Campaign Creation

We will create a one-month social campaign across your social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

FREE Google Shopping Setup

We will set up your Google Shopping account and integrate your website, enabling Google to display your offerings.

FREE EDM Template and Communication

We will set up website email responders plus an EDM template and create a one month EDM campaign tailored to your business.

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What’s in it for Hi Ho?

Making Your Business Successful

It’s one thing to have an eCommerce Website, but it’s another to generate traffic that will convert into sales. Our goal is to make your online business successful in the shortest period possible. Once your free month is over, you have the choice to continue growing your online business with Hi Ho at a negotiated price or stop all activity.

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What’s NOT Free and Where are the Hooks?

Marketing Campaign Management

If you see value in what we have done for your online business after our free month offer, then we can negotiate a fee going forward that suits your marketing budget. Or you could manage it yourself – entirely up to you.

Social Platform Setup

If you don’t have any social platforms like Facebook or Instagram, then we can set these up for you starting from $350.00.

Media Spend

For the first month, all you have to pay for is your Media placement on Social Platforms and Google Shop.

SharpSpring License

Our Inbound Digital Marketing Automation platform, SharpSpring, carries a monthly license of $650NZD, which is payable if you decide to continue using it past the free month offer.

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What Else Can We Help You With?

eCommerce Website

With the immediate future of bricks and mortar retail looking a little bleak, you must have an eCommerce website. If you don’t already have one, then we can develop one pretty quickly. We will develop it in WordPress/WooCommerce, which enables you to have full control over its management and where you host it. However, this will incur a cost, but we will keep it minimal.

Website Hosting

If you chose to host your new website with us, then our hosting fees start at $49+GST per month.

Google Management

If you require an AdWords campaign to be set up, then there is a small setup fee and monthly management fee after the first free month.

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Because we are a small business ourselves,
this is a limited offer.

Being a small business ourselves, we know how tough it is out there. However, we have had the luxury of being able to do some business over the Level 4 lockdown, so we feel it’s our duty to help those who couldn’t. We genuinely want to make a difference, and may that difference bring a better business world to all.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me on:

Christopher Wilson

Creative/Managing Director

021 471 358

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