Off to work we go…on your project!

We’re called ourselves HiHo because we like to head off to work with a song in our hearts, a bounce in our step and a project on our mind. Collectively, we embrace the personality traits of all seven dwarves.

  • Doc, because we like to study the facts and think before we start a project

  • Happy, because we love getting started on a new creative brief

  • Sneezy, because ideas come out with a rush sometimes

  • Grumpy, if our internet speeds drop below 650.01Mbps

  • Sleepy, if meeting deadlines requires us to push normal business hours to one side

  • Dopey, but only when Christopher’s forgotten to buy coffee beans

  • Bashful, when clients say they love our ideas

We’re not radicals or show ponies, so don’t expect pages of BS about brand, focus groups and customer journey maps. We keep things simple: know who your best customers are, understand their needs, shape your benefits to match those needs, use channels that work and can be measured and come up with ideas that stand out. If you’d like to work with a talented digital agency that can also handle traditional communications, get in touch.


“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the best marketer of them all?” Snow White