DDL Homes Needed Leads and Fast

DDL Homes had an aging website that averaged less than 5,000 sessions a month, and limited ability to handle communication, so they asked HiHo to take a look.

We developed a highly responsive new website and an inbound marketing campaign with strong social engagement and data capture to rapidly drive maximum leads to the new site. The results were outstanding. DDL experienced a massive increase of 302%, or 21,650 monthly website sessions.

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Increase in website traffic
in the first campaign month

From 4,873 sessions to

Web Design and Digital Sales Funnel Creation

Web design and funnels go hand in hand. When they’re built on good data and designed for a seamless customer experience, these two elements work together tirelessly to engage potential customers, connect them to your business and step them along a process that results in best-fit customers who are ready to buy on your site.

The Net – aka the Website

We needed to capture the customer’s imagination and grab their attention, so we set out to create a website that truly reflected DDL Homes’ aspirational vision, while providing functional tools that visitors could use. To achieve this we created a blueprint for success that included designing a dynamic, new look website with a look and feel to attract the client’s ideal customers and embody the DDL ethos.

We remapped the logical flow to create a seamless user experience through the digital landscape and created new imagery to capture the feeling of aspiration that customers will experience when embarking on a new home build. To let customers keep in touch with their build we incorporated a portal for them to login and track progress. And a mortgage calculator was integrated to help visitors make decisions, give them a positive experience with DDL and keep them on the website longer.

The Pipe – aka the Funnel

The funnel is a digital marketing tool that enables us to stay connected to anyone who’s shown interest in a website. The process begins with a broad-brush approach but gradually sends more targeted communications based on the recipient’s responses. With DDL Homes, our funnel targeted anyone interested in building a home. We engaged with each visitor and captured an email address, then quantified their level of interest with some strategic communications and intelligent tools. In this case, we relied heavily on social campaigns and data capture that built trust and added value to the audience.

Our toolkit for this client included SharpSpring, an inbound marketing platform which enabled lead scoring and relevant EDM communication, sales funnel automation and database management. Alongside this we created comprehensive social campaigns along with dedicated data capture landing pages and bounce back communications. The ultimate result was an explosive growth in engagement.

Channels used within the DDL Homes funnel

The toolkit that we used to launch DDL’s engagement and traffic brought together various communication channels with the best in automation and intuitive website features. We connected these dots to great effect.


Smart Responsive Website Solution

Beautiful imagery, streamlined flow and useful tools created a high impact website.

  • Seamless user experience
  • Aspirational imagery
  • Built-in mortgage calculator
  • Customer-only login
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Online Marketing Social Campaigns

We built awareness and trust with the audience on social media.

  • Strong social emphasis
  • Multiple platforms
  • Consistent messaging
  • Powerful imagery
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Automated Digital Sales Funnel

We stayed connected to everyone interested in building a home and kept them engaged.

  • All-in-one platform
  • Dedicated landing pages
  • Lead scoring
  • Relevant direct emails
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