We develop search engine marketing campaigns to put you at the top of Google’s page one

To sell anything online, you must be on side with Google. Every day, this epic marketplace can put you amongst 4.8 billion interactions, but how do you stand out in this sea of activity? By rising to the top. We create SEM campaigns that make you instantly visible by placing your website at the top of Page One in your potential customer’s search results both by demographic and geographical.

A Low Initial Investment for Instant Results

Google advertisers make $8 for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. With an ROI like that, it’s a must-have in your digital marketing arsenal. For a low initial cost, and with the right targeting, you’ll see your ad front and centre in Google searches right off the bat. And with PPC, you’re always in control of the budget with a monthly cap and the power to pause or stop ads at any time.

With Real Time Analysis and Trackability

Constantly monitor a campaign’s vital signs to keep your money working at full capacity. By connecting your website’s analytics to Google Ads we can track, analyse and report on everything in one place, in real-time. Clever UTM codes tell us which ad led to a conversion, so you can repeat a strategy that works and stop what’s not. Track which avenue your sales come through and integrate your CRM to find out which ad campaigns work best with your audience and keep sending them what’s useful and relevant.

Search Engine Marketing puts You in a Level Playing Field

Stand up and be seen, regardless of your size or marketing budget. With an optimised ad campaign and lead flow you can easily sidestep Google’s complex search algorithm and get in front of the right customers at the right time. Pay Per Click is an affordable way to promote, so you won’t have to sell the house to get results. Just follow the best practice basics of PPC advertising.

Get Their Attention with a Remarketing Campaign

Potential buyers are a nervy bunch. They need to see your marketing at least seven times before they’ll dare to click the “Buy Now” button, which is what makes remarketing (or retargeting) such a nifty tool. This strategy keeps you connected to anyone who’s interacted with you online but hasn’t yet bought anything. Tracking cookies are the tasty morsel that enable Google to show users your ads as they move around the web, thus building trust with your brand and targeting your ads where they’re most likely to land.

Developing a strong pay per click campaign starts here

Level out the playing field and place yourself on top of the world’s busiest marketplace with a best practice PPC campaign tailored to your needs. Choose one or multiple of our SEM solutions to create a best-fit solution and let us get you in the game.


Google Ads

Sidestep Google’s algorithm and get instant visibility with this highly effective way to advertise. With low initial costs and a high ROI, you can’t go wrong.



Google Remarketing

Get your highest ever levels of conversion by focusing on warm leads and enjoy the benefits of a lower cost per click with a highly targeted remarketing campaign.



Google Shopping

Show your products to the customer right inside their search results. Grab attention and give them everything they need to purchase on the spot.


What we have achieved for our customers

Your business is your livelihood and bottom-line results are what matter. We design and execute digital strategies that convert marketing dollars into customers, sign-ups and sales. Our suite of smart technology and real-world expertise eliminate the guesswork and track your ROI in real-time. Our clients’ numbers speak for themselves and we’d love to help you achieve the same.

We love working with Hiho and appreciate all they have done and do with our website, digital marketing structures, and campaign journeys. The Hi Ho team takes digital marketing to a different level, which has been invaluable to our brand.

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