Creating websites that demand high conversion rates

HiHo is a creative agency that’s obsessed with converting. Our aim is to turn your marketing activity into a powerful conversion funnel that delivers ROI. Whether you need a website, brand identity, social media campaign or a catalogue, we design and implement stand-out communications that make people want to buy your product or service.

While we’re based on Auckland’s North Shore, we work with businesses throughout New Zealand and internationally to shape customer journeys that bring buyers back time and time again.


Creating the magic that makes you stand out from the crowd

The creative process is when the magic happens. However, creative is only effective if it’s backed up by a robust strategy, which we use to develop a clear, concise brief for our online and offline designers and copywriters. When it’s time to present you with our concepts, you’ll see how the pre-thinking comes to life. Using ideas, images and words, we make your brand and products stand out from competitors.

The strategy intertwines every touch point of your brand campaign’s journey from the point of sale, social, PPC and SEO through to the website creating a conversion.


Eliminate any unnecessary duplication of content through automation

Comprehensive marketing strategies require the implementation and management of many online and offline channels, enabling your brand to touch your target audience multiple times. At Hi Ho we capture all the important components within our cloud campaign management application. This is a repository for images, logos, text descriptions and prices.

It’s a single version of the truth that works for all output channels. Change the price once and it populates all channels seamlessly. Automating your assets this way is life changing. Ask us for a demo.


Giving your website the powerful advantage of SEO

It’s one thing to build a pretty website, but it’s another to get Google to see it. 61% of web searches are performed on a mobile device and Google is constantly changing their algorithms to accommodate them with mobile-first indexing. Meaning your website must be mobile friendly. Allied to this is the magic of SEO: keywords from your product sector are artfully woven into the website content and structure,

internal and external links are mapped out and implemented, and meta tags are maximised. We could talk about SEO for hours, but we can explain the impact it’ll have on your business in five minutes.


Getting your audience to your website is one thing, converting them is another

Creating the sales funnel that directs your audience to your website is a great start, but converting them once they have landed on your website is the next step. At HiHo we don’t just make good looking websites that are on brand, we also make sure that the UX (user experience) is highly tuned, funneling the user through the site into conversion.

Once the customer arrives on the website, UI (user interface) is just as important as UX because it enables your website or online catalogue to be seamlessly accessible and navigable on any device.


Analysing your audience’s behaviour forms part of the strategy

To maximise the effectiveness of your marketing budget, we identify your target audience and analyse their online and offline habits to create an information-to-purchase journey. Your strategy covers your points of difference, competitor activity and most importantly, your customers’ needs and desires.

Solid strategy is required for all communication channels. From your website and various social media platforms to catalogues, PR and good ol’ fashioned advertising.