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Social media is now an all-powerful marketing channel in its own right. What used to be a place for casual social connection and keeping up with your friends’ travels, has now become a vital tool in the marketing arsenal of every serious seller. But like everything, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do social media marketing. And the right way, in our humble opinion, is the Inbound way. This is the steady, authentic approach to digital marketing that builds relationships with a relevant audience while building brand awareness, generating leads and driving more conversions.

Increase Brand Awareness

Building your brand is easy on social media. Whether you’re interacting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or Pinterest, these platforms offer a natural place to have conversations and share what you’re thinking about, new insights, learnings or discoveries. From there, it’s easy for your followers to like, comment or share your content with their own networks, or you can direct them back to your website with conveniently placed links.

Researching your Buyer Personas and Audience

To sell to your customer it helps to get inside their head. One way we do this in social media marketing is by creating buyer personas that help us to find out more about our audience and understand their needs and motivations. Who are they as a group? What are their interests? What do they all have in common? When we’ve got a good idea of the buyer persona we can give this audience a classification that helps to guide all our strategies and make wise decisions.

Generate Leads and Boost Conversions

With an inbound marketing strategy, you’re preaching to the semi-converted. More leads come from focussing the digital marketing activity within a crowd who are already interested, and one way we boost engagement is by offering creative ways for your audience to engage. Competitions, Q&A sessions, live streams, free events and spot prizes for people who Like or Share a particular post are all effective ways to generate more and more high-quality leads that turn into sales.

Foster Relationships with Customers of Relevance

Social media marketing is a two-way conversation. The best engagement comes to businesses who stay present and respond to comments on posts, answer questions, provide help, solve problems, and resolve any issues that customers have mentioned with a product or service. The faster you’re onto these opportunities, the better. It’s also a great strategy to ask your audience for their opinion, or to help you with a problem. This triggers their problem-solving patterns and a strong desire to see the problem through to its resolution.

Developing multi channel social conversion funnels.

Social media lets you connect with your audience wherever they spend the most time. But all social networks are not created equal. For best results, choose a multi-channel strategy that’s tailored to your business and puts you right there with your best-fit audience.


Facebook & Instagram

Sell to your customers in their happy place. We’ll create a social marketing strategy to get you amongst billions of daily users and interactions in the vibrant world of Facebook and Instagram. For many people, this is where the internet starts and ends, so we take your business to them.




Be a confident player in the biggest professional network in the world and sell to corporate clients. We make sure you put your best foot forward on LinkedIn with the right profile, content and digital marketing campaign to stand out and take advantage of the B2B market’s superior purchasing power.




Make your business a YouTube star. Showcase your personality in the best possible light with the power of video. Our team create memorable content that people love to watch and share, then leverage YouTube’s global reach to take your audience and sales next level.


What we have achieved for our customers

Your business is your livelihood and bottom-line results are what matter. We design and execute digital strategies that convert marketing dollars into customers, sign-ups and sales. Our suite of smart technology and real-world expertise eliminate the guesswork and track your ROI in real-time. Our clients’ numbers speak for themselves and we’d love to help you achieve the same.

We love working with Hiho and appreciate all they have done and do with our website, digital marketing structures, and campaign journeys. The Hi Ho team takes digital marketing to a different level, which has been invaluable to our brand.

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