L’affare needed the works, a new website design and a funnel

L‘affare’s existing ecommerce website was well and truly beyond its use by date with ecommerce sales falling due to its archaic UX (user expectance) and UI (user interface) structure.

Hi Ho stepped in and completely redesigned L’affare’s website from the ground up. Hi Ho developed a highly functional eCommerce shop within WooCommerce. Once the new website was live, L‘affare commissioned Hi Ho to develop an automated digital sales funnel that generated highly relevant traffic to the website. This proved its weight in gold within the first month, lifting organic traffic by 253% and eCommerce sales by 42%.

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Increase in eCommerce sales
within the first campaign month

Website design and digital sales funnel creation

L’affare has a clear objective, and that’s to dominate the online sales of the coffee market. Right from the onset, they knew that they need much more than just a website with great UX and UI design. They need the whole package – website design and a fully automated digital sales funnel.

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The net – aka Website Design

L’affare, The Coffee Company, has been roasting coffee beans since 1990 and is guilty of kick-starting the coffee culture in Wellington. Therefore, their new website needs to deliver a seamless ordering experience and impart their highly developed rich culture.

Hi Ho designed their new website with the WordPress/ WooCommerce platform, enabling L’affare the ease of editing and maintaining the site within their marketing team.

A subscription portal was developed, allowing customers to choose how much coffee they required and how frequently they want it. The subscription portal has been embedded within WooCommerce functions of the website, enabling subscription customers to fully manage their subscriptions and L’affare the ability to create subscription customer incentives.

Work is underway to create a seamless integration between the eCommerce orders and a new cloud-based Inventory system that will automate website sales & subscriptions, inventory, delivery, and dispatch.

Bring them down the Funnel

For L’affare, it was a no brainier. They needed to generate traffic, relevant traffic, to their website; therefore, they need more than just AdWords.

Hi Ho modeled and developed an inbound strategy based on consumer needs and
L’affare‘s product offerings. L’affare’s extensive consumer and wholesale databases were segmented and loaded into both SharpSpring and Klaviyo. From there, a fully automated digital sales funnel was developed involving the following:

  • Lead scoring Parameters were formulated with matching outbound communications for each product segment
  • Facebook and Instagram A/B test ad sets where created and assigned to demographics and geographical locations throughout New Zealand
  • EDM templates where designed and assigned to either outbound or inbound strategies
  • An SEO campaign was developed around specific keywords that within the first month of launch increased organic traffic by 253%
  • Rework of L’affare’s existing AdWords campaign and the implementation of Google Shop and remarketing strategies
  • Implementation of both the SharpSpring and Klaviyo platforms which enabled Hi Ho to work closely with L’affare in the development of their ongoing marketing initiatives and the automation of all inbound campaigns

Channels used within the L’affare funnel

The toolkit that we used to launch the L’affare engagement and traffic campaign brought together various communication channels with the best in automation and intuitive website features. The results speak for themselves.


Web Design and Ecommerce

Complete redesign and development of the L’affare website in WordPress & WooCommerce.

  • Brand loyal design
  • Seamless user experience
  • Full eCommerce
  • Product subscription portal
  • Wholesale portal
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SEO Campaigns

Strong SEO is one of the fundamental pillars of your success online. Utilisation of current and historical customer search data giving L’affare a head start in key word rankings.

  • SEO Setup
  • Search Engine Optimisation Campaign
  • Citation (Back Linking) Building
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Search Engine Marketiing

A high effective SEM campaign was developed through the analysation of L’affare’s competitors and market centric search terms.

  • Google SEM Strategy
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Shopping
  • Remarketing campaigns
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Digital Marketing Automation

A Seamless digital sales funnel was developed enabling L’affare to communicate with relevance to anyone who engaged with the funnel.

  • Automation Strategy
  • Acquisition Marketing & Lead Scoring
  • EDM Engagement campaign
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Social Media Marketing

Social Campaigns were developed putting L’affare’s brand and products where the people are.

  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • A/B Testing Campaigns
  • Remarketing & Targeting
  • Funnel Integration
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Inventory Automation

Creation of a seamless cloud-based inventory system enabling order automation from placement right through to delivery.

  • Multi-Channel Inventory
  • Wholesale Inventory Channel
  • B2B Commerce
  • Order Automation
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