The power of social influence through facebook and instagram

We used to say that every business should be on Facebook, now it’s non-negotiable. A lot has changed in the world of social media in the last decade and we can now do things we’d never thought possible like give our customers a 360-degree tour, have a chatbot making sales and be part of the site that most adults look to for their daily news. Both Facebook and Instagram have led the charge to capture hearts and minds on social media. Their phenomenal user numbers and ability to dominate people’s screen time makes their presence in your social media strategy a total no-brainer.

For many, Facebook IS the Internet

Facebook now provides us with everything we need. Daily news updates, entertainment, shopping, catching up with friends and family, popping into our favourite hobby groups and joining up to local events. Facebook has covered the bases so well that many people never have to leave the platform. So, if your business isn’t on Facebook with an active and engaging Facebook Page, it’s going to get harder and harder to remain viable.

The Inbound Marketing Way via Facebook & Instagram

An “inbound” strategy focuses on the holy trinity of helpful digital marketing – attract, engage, delight. It’s about building a genuine connection with your potential customers, then providing value that helps them to solve problems and achieve goals. Compare that with outbound marketing, which is the more traditional advertising strategy of interrupting the biggest number of people possible by pushing promotions in front of their face. Obviously, Inbound Marketing is where it’s at these days and we can be the most helpful and effective when we hang out where people already spend their time – on Facebook and Instagram.

1.56 Billion Daily Active Users

20% of the world’s population makes for highly fertile ground for business growth. This is Facebook’s current user numbers, and they’re still growing, so when we talk about “exponential growth” through automated digital marketing, you know we’re not exaggerating. The influence you can achieve on Facebook traverses brand awareness, reputation, customer and public relations, referrals and so on. The potential is truly unlimited when you know how to use the tools.

Instagram sees over One Billion Active Monthly Users

Not to be outdone by the competition, Instagram has been on a massive growth surge in recent years. Now the second-most used social media platform after Facebook, Instagram users post 500 million stories each day and spend just under an hour a day scrolling through what’s new. In terms of business, Instagram is rich in opportunity. There are now more than 25 million businesses on the platform and 90% of users follow at least one them. If you don’t already have an active presence on Insta, now’s the time.

The Average User Spends Almost an Hour per Day on Facebook…

…and then some. When you take into account the time that people sleep, work and travel for each day, the amount of remaining free time that we willingly spend on Facebook is inordinately high. That’s what makes it the perfect place to incubate your social influence. And, because we know so much about who people are, what they do, their demographics and what they’re looking for on Facebook, the job of accurate market segmentation is that much easier.

83% of Users Say Instagram has Helped Them Discover New Products and Services

Instagram is no longer just a photo sharing app. It’s now a fully-fledged global marketplace where people find helpful content, inspiration and their next great buy. Rich in imagery, Instagram makes it easy to showcase products and share your story in an authentic way that will disarm even the thorniest prospect.

Developing multi channel social conversion funnels.

Social media lets you connect with your audience wherever they spend the most time. But all social networks are not created equal. For best results, choose a multi-channel strategy that’s tailored to your business and puts you right there with your best-fit audience.



Be a confident player in the biggest professional network in the world and sell to corporate clients. We make sure you put your best foot forward on LinkedIn with the right profile, content and digital marketing campaign to stand out and take advantage of the B2B market’s superior purchasing power.



Facebook & Instagram

Sell to your customers in their happy place. We’ll create a social media strategy to get you amongst billions of daily users and interactions in the vibrant world of Facebook and Instagram. For many people, this is where the internet starts and ends, so we take your business to them.

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Make your business a YouTube star. Showcase your personality in the best possible light with the power of video. Our team create memorable content that people love to watch and share, then leverage YouTube’s global reach to take your audience and sales next level.


Web Design

A well-developed website will ensure your brand creates a lasting impression differentiating you from your competitors. It will also ensure that your customers revisit time and time again becoming the biggest fans of your brand.

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SEO and PPC Campaigns

Strap yourself in and get ready to lift off, right to the top of Google searches. With great Search Engine Optimisation and a cleverly crafted Pay Per Click campaign, we’ll take your business to infinity and beyond.

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Social Media

Put your brand and products right in front of the people who actually want what you’ve got. That’s the power of social media marketing at its finest and we will show you how it works by giving you results that give awesome ROI.

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Sales Funnel Automation

Stop running campaigns and start having conversations. With a responsive sales funnel you can nurture each and every customer, guiding them through the lifecycle from first contact to closing the sale.

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