What is Facebook Remarketing?

The chances are that you’ve been served an ad on Facebook that feels like it was tailored just for you, right? You might have visited a shop online and browsed for a few minutes. The next day you see a sponsored post in your Facebook feed for the exact same stuff you were mulling over.

If you have been running Facebook ad, you’ve likely been advised that you should be doing remarketing ads.

Firstly, we’ll answer the question, what is Facebook Remarketing?

Remarketing means engaging audiences who have already interacted with your website and encouraging them to take a desired action like contact your business or buy a product.

Facebook remarketing specifically is running ads to users on Facebook who have previously been on your website. It uses Facebook’s tracking element which is called Facebook Pixel.

How it Works

If you run a website and have the Facebook pixel installed, everyone that visits your website is grouped into an audience which you can then use to advertise to on Facebook. This is likely when you feel like you’re being stalked by Facebook!

You might have a website selling tickets to an event, you can set up a Facebook audience of everyone who visited your website but didn’t purchased a ticket and serve them a specific ad letting them know tickets are almost sold out.

Regardless of the size of your business or list, there’s a reason why Facebook Ads are the go-to for so many marketers today. The ability to drill down and target specific visitors based on behaviour is leaps and bounds above most ad options out there. Representing prime real estate for your leads, well-crafted ads can do wonders for conversion rates and cart abandonment woes.

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