Social Marketing

Social media. Everyone loves to engage and share, so why not let them do it with your business? Sounds good, but won’t that be a hassle to manage on top of everything else that a business owner has to take care of? That’s where we come in. We specialise in the automation of thoughtful, targeted campaigns on all social platforms that suit your needs. We use a smart system called SharpSpring to make this a breeze.

Why us? It’s simple. We create content that makes people click (not only in the mousey way). We carefully plan the delivery of your campaigns so you get the most clicks and likes for your buck.



Harness the benefits of Electronic Direct Mail. A fast, flexible and cost effective way of reaching new customers and retaining existing customers. Planned EDM campaigns and automated customer journeys to large or small audiences will provide tangeable results for your business. What is a customer journey you might ask? This is about creating an engaging path for your customers that responds to their feedback. Each customer reaches a different endpoint tailored to their needs.

This also allows for automated personalised response emails to users engaging with your site, as well as special offers or promotional EDM. We closely observe the results of your EDM campaigns to allow for consistent testing and improvement. It’s vital to understand the performance of your EDM campaigns in order to succeed.


PPC Advertising

In the age of Digital Marketing, PPC has proved its worth of being one of the best methods for online advertising. PPC stands for Pay-per-click. This means the advertiser pays the search engine a sum of money each time an ad gets clicked. It is cost effective, fast and generates traffic targeted towards your audience. Dynamic PPC campaigns constantly analyse the performance of your ads and give you insights into new avenues for your targetkeywords.

PPC advertising has synergistic effects with other marketing channels, boosting SEO through additional keywords, increasing EDM signups, increasing direct phone contact, and that’s just the beginning.


SEO and Your Website

Ever wondered how Google seems to know what you are doing at any given time of the day? It notifies your phone that you have so many minutes/hours travel time to home and seems to know what you are looking for when you are surfing the net. This doesn’t all happen by chance; it happens because Google has created some of the world’s most powerful algorithms that can track your movements, habits, likes, and dislikes.

Therefore, to get Google to work for your business one must understand how their algorithms work and manipulate them to create conversion and a substantial ROI through your website.