Maximise your ROI by staying in front of prospects

Remarketing keeps you in the frame with interested customers until they’re ready to buy. Sometimes called Retargeting, this service lets you target ads to people who’ve already visited your website but haven’t yet purchased. They’re on their way to buying but maybe need more time to ponder, or they’ve just been ankle tapped by life. No worries, your ad just appears again later.It’s a helpful reminder that shows you’re reliable, and that builds trust. With Google Marketing, it’s less about convincing and more about being present and staying zen until the feeling’s right.

Google Remarketing has Lower Cost Per Click Rates

The beauty with Google Remarketing is the smart economics. Because it’s so finely targeted, getting that all important click-through to your site takes less time and money than other strategies. Regular display advertising might put you in the ballpark with your buyers, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. With Google Remarketing, you’re already talking to people who’ve overcome many of the barriers to purchasing, so it’s the optimum chance to get them across the line.

Personalise with Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing lets you tempt visitors back with ads that feature the products they’ve shown interest in before. It’s another level of personalisation that makes retargeted ads even more relevant. With this clever tool you can remind people what they liked or offer an incentive to buy. This is one powerful way to bring your customer back online to seal the deal and even better, it’s all automated. We provide the relevant product information and tags and Google creates the dynamic ads that will work best in each situation.

Enables You to Target your Ad Copy

When you understand a customer’s journey, you can speak to their needs in the moment. When you think about it, there’s a big difference between someone who just landed on your website for the first time and someone who’s a regular but just wants a little push to purchase. Google Remarketing lets you write the perfect copy to recognise the lifecycle stage your customer is at and give them exactly what they need.

Remarketing Gives Higher Conversion Rates

Across the board, remarketing is recognised for its impressive ability to convert. We also know that ad responses, impressions, brand recall and awareness are all positively impacted by remarketing, and it makes total sense. Your product is relevant with the audience, your brand is being seen, you’re building trust, offering reminders and generally staying top-of-mind with the people who’re looking to buy. When you pop a timely discount in front of someone who was teetering on the edge, the likelihood of making that sale becomes breathtakingly high.

Google Ads Campaigns give instant results and revenue

Paid ads on Google get 65% of their clicks from users who are ready to buy. They’re affordable, instant and pay for themselves with a steady flow of highly qualified leads coming right to your door. Choose your package and get into Google Ads today.


Google Ads

Sidestep Google’s algorithm and get instant visibility with this highly effective way to advertise. With low initial costs and a high ROI, you can’t go wrong.



Google Remarketing

Get your highest ever levels of conversion by focusing on warm leads and enjoy the benefits of a lower cost per click with a highly targeted remarketing campaign.

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Google Shopping

Show your products to the customer right inside their search results. Grab attention and give them everything they need to purchase on the spot.


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We love working with Hiho and appreciate all they have done and do with our website, digital marketing structures, and campaign journeys. The Hi Ho team takes digital marketing to a different level, which has been invaluable to our brand.

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