Developing native web apps for your eCommerce website

Implementing a native web app makes the mobile shopping experience easy for your customers. They don’t have to log in every time, it’s right on their mobile phones’ home screen, they can click the button and start shopping right away. Another benefit of a web app is the push notifications which create real-time communication with your customers right to the palm of their hand. All changes and development only needs to happen on your desktop eCommerce website and automatically updates to your web app – saving you money on development time.

Reasons why a Web App is a great channel to market.

Boost your Conversions through iOS and Android apps. Developing a full-fledged web app takes days, not months, and at a fraction of the price of developing a full standalone mobile app. A successful eCommerce web app is also completely synced with your eCommerce website, enabling all changes to be made on the desktop for easy management and automated inbound marketing campaigns flow effortlessly to your mobile customers.


All Payment Gateways

Whatever you currently use for payments, it can be fully integrated into your app and will likely work out of the box. We’re available for custom integrations.


Rich Media Content

With Commerce you can embed any video or audio player in the apps. You’ll also be able to display product pictures through rich image galleries.


Product Recommendations

If you use a third-party solution like Recommendation Engine or Product Compare, get in touch with our team and they’ll take you through the options for integrations.


eCommerce Analytics

Commerce integrates with Google Analytics & Firebase out of the box, giving you the data you need to gain insights and make decisions.


Easy Management

The Apps sync 100% with your site, so there’s nothing to add to your workflow as everything updates automatically!


Native Search

Your customers will be able to find the products, categories or brands they are looking for easily with fast, accessible native search functionality within your app.


Push Notifications

Push preferences let your customers choose which kind of offers and products they want to receive push notifications for. and the message centre saves notifications for later.


Native Sharing

Encourage sharing by giving your customers the ability to share products and offers to their friends with one tap using Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Messenger or any other social network.


Offline Access

Your latest content will be cached within the app for offline use and fast access even with a poor connection.


Shipping Integration

Add functionality from the ecosystem of WooCommerce shipping solutions to your commerce apps.


Fast, Simple Checkouts

Your commerce apps will be optimized for conversion, which means fast and smooth checkout pages.


Configurable Menus

Your commerce apps will be optimized for conversion, which means fast and smooth checkout pages.


Marketing Automation

How about connecting your apps to your Mailchimp or Drip accounts to sync them with your email campaigns? All this and more is achievable with Commerce. Just ask us about integrations.

What we have achieved for our customers

Your business is your livelihood and bottom-line results are what matter. We design and execute digital strategies that convert marketing dollars into customers, sign-ups and sales. Our suite of smart technology and real-world expertise eliminate the guesswork and track your ROI in real-time. Our clients’ numbers speak for themselves and we’d love to help you achieve the same.

We love working with Hiho and appreciate all they have done and do with our website, digital marketing structures, and campaign journeys. The Hi Ho team takes digital marketing to a different level, which has been invaluable to our brand.

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