Level Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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Email marketing remains one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to reach potential customers. It is an excellent choice for businesses wanting to develop quality marketing campaigns. Email marketing allows you to build relationships and nurture leads, customers and past customers.

Email marketing is a powerful marketing platform, as it allows you to target an audience in a personalised way, while generating leads and sales. Emails arrive in real time and people engage with emails whether it be by reply, forward or clicking through to something embed in the email.

To make your email marketing campaign a huge success we have highlighted the must-dos of email marketing in this blog.

1. Automate Your Emails

Automation is a no-brainer really.
Spare yourself the frustration of sending every email manually by automating your emails. Trust us, once you go automated, you will not look back. By automating your emails, you will also be able to set up workflows for automatic responders, these can look like an email to a lead after they fill out a form or an email to a customer who’s left something behind in their shopping cart. The best part is that once your workflows are set up, you can sit back and let the automated magic begin. There are many email marketing platforms which facilitate automation such as MailChimp, Sharp Spring or HubSpot. MailChimp is great for a small email list, but if you want to use all the features, we recommend Sharp Spring or HubSpot.

2. Personalising Your Communications

The average person receives 120 emails in their inbox daily, so make your email stand out by personalising it. Thanks to email automation, you can send mass emails while still personalising your communications to benefit your customer’s experience. In fact, personalisation is one of the main reasons why automated emails see much higher engagement rates in comparison to standard emails.

3. Segment Your Mailing List

Targeting specific content to customers at various stages of your funnel is crucial to ensuring they are seeing information that is relevant to their journey.

There is nothing worse than boring your mailing list with content that does not interest them. It’s important to segment your mailing lists so you can keep your content interesting and keep engagement levels high. Producing content that is not what your readers subscribed for will make your emails very unpopular, often causing them to be ignored or marked as spam by subscribers.

4. Say Hello, Welcome New Subscribers

Would you ignore a customer if they were to walk into your physical store? No, so don’t ignore your email subscribers. Make a good first impression and introduce them to your brand with a welcome email. Implementing a welcome autoresponder when someone signs up to your mailing list or makes a purchase for the first time can make customers more receptive to future emails.

5. Be Consistent

It is highly likely that you have heard this before because it is so important! From branding to the volume of emails you send it is crucial to keep up a common theme. Keep your emails on brand with the rest of your business so that they are easily recognisable to your subscribers. It’s better to send emails frequently than not at all but you must not overload your mailing list. You can also leverage your analytics to determine which days of the week and time frames work best for you.

Make use of these tips to improve your marketing campaign and increase customer retention.

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