95% of search for a product or a service in New Zealand is undertaken on Google, and the most effective way to rank your website is through SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. Done correctly, a good SEO campaign will rank your website organically on page one of Google over a short period.

Also, 61% of web searches are performed on a mobile device and Google is continually changing their algorithms to accommodate them with mobile-first indexing. That means your website must be mobile friendly. Allied to this is the magic of a solid SEO campaign and the magic of converting traffic into customers really starts to happen.

A good SEO campaign is about getting the foundation of your website right first. Google is the most trusted search platform in the world so therefore Google has to trust your website’s intent fist before it will rank you. There are over 200 factors in Google’s algorithms that evaluate your website, and at Hi Ho we know exactly how to focus and prioritise the right ones within your website for your industry and your target audience.

At Hi Ho our SEO campaigns are meticulously crafted and comprehensively planned for
each client’s website and include to name a few:

1. Competitor Analysis
2. Keyword and key phrase research
3. Content
4. Link Building
5. Blogging
6. On Page Analysis
7. Conversion Rate Optimisation
8. App Store Optimisation
9. Analysis and Reporting of Your Monthly Results

We could talk about SEO for hours, but we can explain it to you in person in 30 minutes.



Part of our website service is analysing your Google analytics, so that you get a plain English report that shows traffic to your site, the pages most visited, bounce rate and much more.

We use the analytics to inform our SEO strategy, constantly honing key words to keep your rankings high. You can log into your analytics at any time, to see what’s been going on.