Your website is the window to your business, so make it crystal clear.

Making a great first impression online is everything. The hard work that’s gone into creating your shop and building your brand all comes down to this one, brief moment. How do your visitors feel when they enter your site? Are they inspired to engage? With a validation website design, we recreate the effect of a brochure for your business. The content and design focus on clearly communicating the story of your brand, who you are and what you do, while providing the right content to answer the visitor’s top-of-mind questions and send relevant traffic to your store.

Communicate your Brand’s Purpose

Why does your business exist? The story of your brand lets visitors know your ‘Why’, the reason you get out of bed in the morning, the reason your business exists. Beyond making money, your brand’s purpose is the underlying contribution that your work makes to people. It’s harder to articulate but a website that can truly convey this deeper intent will resonate with your ideal customers, because they feel the same. And a connection is born.

Make Your Website Seem Simple

Any digital experience starts with a stunning, simple-to-use website design enabling your traffic to flow easily through to the desired conversion. This is made possible by a thoroughly considered user experience and interface that turns all of your websites’ complexities into a clear and concise path, eliminating bounce rate. However it’s not just the websites architecture that enables this but also all of the design and communication points look and feel from colours used, images, clear and concise messaging and copy content. All together this leads the visitors on a clear path to the information that they are seeking and the conversion that you require form the website.

Website Navigation is Key

If you want visitors to hit Buy Now, make it unavoidable. The key to sealing the deal is good website navigation because without it, most visitors will give up and go elsewhere. To design the most effective pathway to the sale we combine structure with nature to organise information cleanly, while presenting it in the most natural way for readers to scan the page. The map we create is simple, intuitive and consistent throughout your site.

Website Content is Crucial

Once the visitor is on your site, great content takes the wheel. Your validation website should be crystal clear about its intent with a simple message on every page that makes it easy for the visitor to engage. Effective content needs to be fully aligned with your website’s purpose and where it fits in the customer’s lifecycle. Are you describing expertise, building credibility, generating leads or doing sales and after care? Be sure that your content is clear about the goal and meets the needs of the visitor accordingly.

Make your Website Design Creative

The internet is full of stuffy corporate types, don’t be one of them. Your website should be like you, unique, special, one-of-a-kind. We start the creative process by getting to know you and discovering your brand’s essential personality. Then we use this information to guide the choice of colour, font, imagery, words and creative features that will best communicate your voice and your value to the visitor. Nothing in your face, simply good, honest creative content, like a breath of fresh air.

Be Mobile-friendly

If a website takes too long to load, your visitors will walk. These days, most people are browsing and buying on their smartphone and need instant results when they click. This means you’ve got about 2 seconds to meet their expectations before they either leave your site completely, or lower their opinion of your business. Optimising images and other aspects of your website so it loads lightning fast when people are on the move is an important part of your holistic digital strategy.

Working out what kind of website you require

Every website has a unique purpose, but all websites have a common goal, creating a conversion. Your conversion will either be in the form of product or service validation, e-commerce sales to either the consumer or wholesale markets, or both. At Hi Ho we always start at your conversion goals and build up from there.


Ecommerce Website Design

Your eCommerce Website has One Goal – Sell your products and services effortlessly.



Validation Website Design

Telling your target audience what your brand stands for and how it will help them.

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Wholesale Portals

Enabling you sell your products to your customers with multiple individual pricing tiers.


Web Design

A well-developed website will ensure your brand creates a lasting impression differentiating you from your competitors. It will also ensure that your customers revisit time and time again becoming the biggest fans of your brand.

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SEO and PPC Campaigns

Strap yourself in and get ready to lift off, right to the top of Google searches. With great Search Engine Optimisation and a cleverly crafted Pay Per Click campaign, we’ll take your business to infinity and beyond.

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Social Media

Put your brand and products right in front of the people who actually want what you’ve got. That’s the power of social media marketing at its finest and we will show you how it works by giving you results that give awesome ROI.

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Sales Funnel Automation

Stop running campaigns and start having conversations. With a responsive sales funnel you can nurture each and every customer, guiding them through the lifecycle from first contact to closing the sale.

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