Diversify your revenue streams with a wholesale portal

Adding a wholesale component to your shop will add a whole new dimension to your sales. If you’re not selling to wholesale then you’re missing an opportunity to diversify your income and make more profit. If you are selling to wholesale already, we can take the hassle out of the admin and paperwork by automating the tasks you’ve probably been doing with manual spreadsheets. Your wholesale customers will appreciate the speedy and efficient interface, while you sleep well in the knowledge that the numbers are being handled with computer accuracy.

Manage Wholesale Pricing across Multiple Levels

Get the scope and flexibility to provide a solution to any pricing challenge. Setting up multiple listings for various pricing tiers on the same product is one of those time consuming and onerous tasks that keep you procrastinating for days. Don’t do it. We can handle any pricing scenario you throw at us. With our wholesale portal you can manage all your pricing across multiple tiers straight from your existing products.

Custom Content for Wholesale Role

Speak to your wholesale customers in their language. Wholesalers are looking for different information than retail customers, so we enable you to separate the two functions and create custom wholesaler’s content that’s for their eyes only. We achieve this by setting up users with a specific ‘Wholesale Customer’ role, then giving them access to the relevant content for that activity, while hiding anything that doesn’t match the parameters you’ve set. The reverse is also true, giving you the ability to hide wholesale information from retail customers and casual browsers.

Minimum Order Quantity

Are small orders worth the time and effort they take to fill? The answer might well be “it depends” because how you decide to gauge a minimum order quantity can depend on many factors. The breakeven is important, but the size and life stage of your business can also be a consideration. Whatever your criteria, your wholesale portal gives you the control to work out your own levels then set order and product minimums to suit.

International Selling

It really is possible to take your shop to the world. The obvious challenges of international selling, like language differences and currency conversion, can now be easily managed at the shop level, which makes it surprisingly simple to sell to wholesale customers internationally, even if you’ve never done it before. We can hook you up with integrations that translate your wholesale pricing, make your shop truly multi-lingual and connect you to multi-currency solutions that allow the customer to see pricing in their own currency.

Tiered Pricing by Quantity

Big spenders should be rewarded. Set a standard wholesale price for your products, then create tiered pricing that gives bigger discounts on higher quantities. These discounts will automatically calculate at the point of purchase so the buyer knows exactly what their discount will be and you can remain hands-off. Tiered pricing can be applied flexibly at the product level, category level or across the board, depending on your goals and what you need to achieve.

Control Payment Gateways

Make sure everyone stays in their lane when it comes to payments. With payment gateway control you can give access to shipping and payment gateways according to the user’s role. This means that once you’re set up you can run parallel pathways that guide users down the right track and avoid confusion by only giving them the ability to enter the system assigned to their role. There’s also an option to apply a surcharge that allows you to recoup transaction costs for the use of certain payment gateways.

Working out what kind of website you require

Every website has a unique purpose, but all websites have a common goal, creating a conversion. Your conversion will either be in the form of product or service validation, e-commerce sales to either the consumer or wholesale markets, or both. At Hi Ho we always start at your conversion goals and build up from there.


Validation Websites

Telling your target audience what your brand stands for and how it will help them.



Wholesale Portals

Enabling you sell your products to your customers with multiple individual pricing tiers.



Ecommerce Websites

Your eCommerce Website has One Goal – Sell your products and services effortlessly.


Web Design

A well-developed website will ensure your brand creates a lasting impression differentiating you from your competitors. It will also ensure that your customers revisit time and time again becoming the biggest fans of your brand.

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SEO and PPC Campaigns

Strap yourself in and get ready to lift off, right to the top of Google searches. With great Search Engine Optimisation and a cleverly crafted Pay Per Click campaign, we’ll take your business to infinity and beyond.

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Social Media

Put your brand and products right in front of the people who actually want what you’ve got. That’s the power of social media marketing at its finest and we will show you how it works by giving you results that give awesome ROI.

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Sales Funnel Automation

Stop running campaigns and start having conversations. With a responsive sales funnel you can nurture each and every customer, guiding them through the lifecycle from first contact to closing the sale.

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